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First Day of My Life (Bright Eyes Cover) by Larry Fisherman http://ift.tt/1ulhNgZ

Release You - Tom Misch & Carmody by thisiscarmody http://ift.tt/1fI0Kzf

The Last Song - Tom Misch & Carmody by thisiscarmody http://ift.tt/1lkLwV7

The Journey - Tom Misch by ImperialPeak http://ift.tt/1C5lLyE

Basenji - Heirloom by future classic http://ift.tt/1wKvNb3

Zyme and Deptronic - Roll Up Ft. Sage the Gemini (Sircut Remix) by SircutMuzic http://ift.tt/1uVZFfI

The Hics - Cold Air by The Hics http://ift.tt/ZoYx8u

Mirror Maru by Cashmere Cat http://ift.tt/WJOVmH

Hippie Sabotage - Your Soul (6k Flip) by 6k. http://ift.tt/1zy0HRY

Chet Faker - Gold (Flume Re-work) by Flume http://ift.tt/1oCynJq